The treatment of pain

Acute Pain

You’ve twinged your back or twisted your knee. Maybe you feel your pelvis is out of alignment, whatever it is the pain was immediate and it hasn’t gone away.

Chronic Pain

You’ve lived with pain, maybe for years. You’ve done everything, seen everyone but it’s still there. You just put up with it. Don’t! We can help. Pain management is an area that is of special interest to Angela and she can offer a holistic approach.

Mechanical Pain

Too much of what you’re not used to! A bout of gardening, a longer than expected walk or cycle, that game of tennis you were talked into. You need treatment!


A diagnosis of osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia can be depressing and debilitating. Gentle osteopathic care alongside core osteoarthritic treatments and exercises can help ease the symptoms

Frozen Shoulder

Sometimes very sudden, very painful and very debilitating. The answer doesn’t have to be an injection; careful manipulation with micro current therapy can ease the pain and, over a course of treatment, bring your shoulder back into order.