Your treatment

Your treatment will be tailored to your own individual needs. During our initial consultation you’ll be asked not just about your symptoms but also about any accidents and falls you may have had in the past and about any surgeries or illnesses you’ve been through. This helps us to build a picture and will be taken into account when we start to prescribe a treatment. We’ll also consider your current eating habits, sports and hobbies, and any stress you may be under, the outcome being a course of action that addresses you as a whole person. This will be discussed with you in detail and a plan can then be put in place.

Whole body health

Whilst helping you to correct your posture and the way you use your body we can also advise on diet and diet supplementation to help maximise your body efficiency. With your permission we’ll keep your GP advised of your progress and, if it helps, we’ll refer you to other professional practitioners able to assist you further.

Specific treatments I offer

Osteopathic Manipulation

Manipulation can be as simple as a quick and precise movement to the joint to release it and improve alignment, or it can be a subtle and more gentle repositioning of the joint to allow the tissue to release and relax, both are very effective and give almost instant relief.

Articulation is different in that it involves a repeated, rhythmic movement of the joints to steadily increase mobility within a comfortable range.

Massage gently stretches or eases soft tissue such as muscle, tendon and connective tissue so that the proper nerve feedback is restored.

Frequency specific micro-current therapy (FSM)

This exciting new therapy is entirely painless and extremely effective. It’s designed to treat inflamed tissue such a muscle, ligaments or tendons using frequencies that are specific for that density of tissue.

FSM is perfect for patients who cannot tolerate traditional manipulation and can be used for fibromyalgia and inflammation!

For more detailed information on FSM click here

Cranio-sacral osteopathic approach

This is a very gentle technique that releases areas of tension in the body and allows better circulation. Especially effective with babies and children this technique doesn’t use pressure as much as a gentle palpation through the hands that observes the patient’s strain patterns and works with the body to engage its own self-healing mechanism. You can find more details about cranio-sacral osteopathy at

Kinesiology taping

Also known as K taping, this technique uses flexible tape to support the connective tissue. Used widely amongst sports people K-tape is a useful adjunct and helps give a feeling of support without restriction.